TruckSafe is a not-for-profit industry focused safety management system (SMS) that is aimed at improving the safety and professionalism of trucking operators across New Zealand.

Our vision is that everyone in the trucking industry gets home safe, every day.

Having a TruckSafe certificate provides many benefits for your transport business:



Being a TruckSafe member clearly shows to future employees that you are a safe and responsible operator.


Chain of Responsibility

TruckSafe will assist your business to ensure you meet your Chain of Responsiblity obligations.


Transport Decarbonisation

A new module is being developed to ensure that your business is on the path to lowering emissions for a climate resilient future.


The Master Code

The New Zealand Master Code will be introduced soon. TruckSafe will align, and in some cases exceed the requirements.


Animal Welfare

Work will shortly commence on a New Zealand version of Animal Welfare standards.


Customer Confidence

Give your customers the confidence you are conducting a safe business.

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What TruckSafe members in Australia are saying

TruckSafe is in our DNA and keeps us safe, healthy, and roadworthy.

We can all sleep well at night knowing we have the right processes in place.

Ron Finemore
Managing Director, Ron Finemore Transport


TruckSafe gives our customers piece of mind to know we have their CoR under control.

It’s piece of mind for our employees, management, clients, and future customers.

Ferdie Kroon
Risk and Compliance Manager, De Bruyn Transport


TruckSafe appeals to customers and creates a good name regarding vehicle maintenance and employee welfare.

John Reumer
Managing Director, JRT Bulk Haulage


TruckSafe helps improve our business and raise our profile with customers.

It also gives us the confidence we have good levels of compliance.

Ken Harries
Compliance Officer, Shoobridge Transport


Compliance with TruckSafe accreditation requirements will provide a robust system based framework to drive improvements in Turosi vehicle and driver safety as well as making our roads a safer place for all road users.

Greg Rich
National Projects Manager, Turosi Pty Ltd

TruckSafe is the gold standard that everyone should be working towards.

TruckSafe gives us the tools to make sure we are fully compliant.

Leigh Smart
Managing Director, Formula Chemicals

Our most important assets are our staff and drivers. TruckSafe ensures their health and wellbeing is monitored on a continual basis.

By having regular TruckSafe medicals we have saved lives in our business.

Paul Fellows
Managing Director, Fellows Bulk Transport